Connie's Story


Connie Saunders, founder and CEO, of Total Travel and Events, Inc., has a passion for this business.  Her team of loyal crew members are all focused on customer service and friendliness.


Total Travel & Events continues to receive excellent feedback from all their clients because they are treated with integrity and each booking is made as if it were being made for a close friend.  This had led many of Total Travel & Events' clients to book repeat trips and groups with Connie and her staff.


Connie began booking travel and events in the 1980s when she put a few regional meetings together for her employer.  In 2004, she went full-time into the travel business. 


Originally the company was called "Your Cruise Agents" because that is mostly what the company focused on.  They mostly booked cruises for vacations, groups, families and events.   


As the clients' needs changed, they began to book other venues, like all-inclusive resorts, meetings, destination weddings, honeymoons, and more. 


In 2013, "Your Cruise Agents" changed to "Total Travel & Events" which more closely reflects the work that they do. 


Connie and her staff look forward to working with you!