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As an Independent Agent with Total Travel & Events, you have the whole world at your fingertips.   You can book virtually any type of travel throughout the world.  From cruises, to all-inclusive resorts, hotels, guided land packages, and more!  In addition, you can book any event, on land or at sea, including company meetings, incentive trips, church groups, family reunions, school alumni trips, or destination weddings and honeymoons.






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You love to travel, and so do your family and friends! You want to someday become Professional and learn the business, but your life is too busy right now.   Wouldn't it be great to make money while traveling and refering travel too! ​The opportunity is here now! Build your travel business today!


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New Agents: You love to travel.  People always turn to you for travel advice and its time you get paid for your knowledge. 

Experienced Agents: You would like to elevate your current travel business and work with a company that appreciates you and helps you to succeed.


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