Casual Agent

You love to travel, and so do your family and friends! Wouldn't it be great to make money while doing what you love? ​


The opportunity is here now! Build your travel business today!




Our Most Successful Casual Agents:
Love to Travel

Have Friends and Family That Travel

Want to Make Money on Travel

Have Very Busy Schedules

Make Money while Traveling!


Casual Agents refer their friends and family to Professional Agents and receive a portion of the commission.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone not wanting to invest the time and effort into learning the travel business.

Or for those who want to start as a Casual Agent and then Promote themselves later to Professional Agent.


There is no Enrollment Fee

Annual Membership just $199 (*join today for just $149) per year

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I would like to apply for the Casual Travel Agent program. I understand that membership is available with an annual membership payment of $199.(*Join today for just $149).  Acceptance into this program will allow me to earn commission on trips that are booked. I can earn commission on my own travel, and also on the travel of friends and family. I understand that commissions are paid after the trip is taken and as a Casual Agent, I will receive 25% of the commission earned. I understand that I can promote myself to Total Travel Professional Agent at any time, and my client base will remain mine as the base of business for the new promotion..I agree

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