Celiac/Gluten Free Galley Tour





We Met with the Director of Food and Beverage

And the Executive Chef

For Our Private Tour




Once Inside the Galley We Found a Very Clean, Working Environment



Sous Chef Prepares Fresh Fruit: 







Everything is deep cleaned after every use- even serving trays



Executive Chef & Agent Discussing Gluten Free Procedures








Gluten Free Bread is baked first thing in the morning before any other breads.


Gluten Free Bread for Today

Gluten Free Bread Ingredients



We Had Extensive Conversations with the Executive Chef While On our Private Tour




Happy Sous Chefs Proud of Their Work










Sorrento's Pizza On Board the Promenade - Serving Complimentary Gluten Free Pizzas Made To Order


Executive Chef Explaining How Gluten Free Pizza Dough is Received, Stored and Baked


Special Pan Just for Gluten Free Pizzas