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Back in the late 80s, Connie Saunders, Founder & CEO of Total Travel & Events, Inc., lived in the Bay Area of San Francisco.  Her husband Brett, was stationed at Moffett Field for 5 years, in the US Navy.   They loved living in California.  The cool climate, the beautiful blue skies.  Their first daughter was born in the bay area, in the Navy hospital.   Yes, they truly loved the area.


 But their families were 3000 miles away back in North Carolina, they missed them so much, so when they got out of the Navy, they moved back to the east coast to be closer to family.


​In a recent interview with Connie, she shared her thoughts about why she became so passionate about the

Total Travel Wine Tours Division.

Here are her words and photos:



Like most Americans, we love wine.


​We love pairing food with wine.


 ​So when the opportunity arose to visit Napa/Sonoma again, we jumped on the chance to go.  What we discovered, was that the Napa/Sonoma wine tastings and winery tours were overcrowded, overpriced, and unless you had reservations, you would not get in.  Long lines, belly up to the bar, impersonal, and a standard experience.


 ​Then we met our local guide, who took us to places we had never heard of.

​Some of the wineries didn't even have signs.  They were super exclusive.

The views were amazing.


On most of the visits, we were the only ones there!



We felt very special, like a VIP



And the Wine was Incredible!



If you want to experience Napa/Sonoma unrushed, exclusive, and taste some incredible wine,

Total Travel Wine Tours

is your first choice for one stop shopping.

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